Yellow Crown

How to reblog yourself.


The tag wasn’t helping me because I tried two suggestions and neither worked so I combined their advice and voilà, I sucessfully reblogged myself without the use of missing e and so I’m making a post about what I did.

Go to the page of your post. The link in the URL bar should look something like this:

I have bolded the elements of the URL that you will be altering for this to work.

Right click on View Source or however your computer works (I use PC and Google Chrome) and hit CTRL+F or however you use your find option and type in ;rk=

All hits are highlighted but just look at the first one or whatever one you happen to look at first and it should appear something like this:


Copy the combination of numbers in letters in bold (between the = and the &) for your particular post and paste it somewhere for use later.

Now go back to the URL of the post and replace the wordy description at the end of the link with what you just copied.

Change post to reblog in the same URL.

Delete your tumblr handle from the URL.

Now, take this URL and paste it into wherever your link goes and hit enter, go, or whatever and the reblog screen should pop-up for you to reblog yourself.

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this is a test

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